About Us - Panda Photo Studio
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About Us

this is who we are

Panda (P & A) Photo Studio was founded by two avid photographers, Patricia and Antal “Tony”.

Patricia’s interest in photography sparked at an early age, when she used to see the mysterious red light shining under the bathroom door while her father was developing his black and white images. Once she got the bug, her studies centered around photography throughout high school and college including a post graduate study of photo journalism.  Patricia loves to bring the beauty out of all her subjects through her art.

Tony’s interest started later in life, with a Bachelor’s in civil engineering his eye is more toward technical detail.

Architectural photography is what he’s passionate about: commercial, offices, industrial and residential real estate. Tony is also adroit at family or professional portraits.

The two make a perfect team for all your photography needs.


our photography team

Tony Horvath


Patricia Nemeth


Nero Krawez